inPHInium discs

Long-lasting disc, with no breakages

Today's professional farmers are always looking to optimize their efficiency. To achieve this they are always on the lookout for harder-wearing products, as long as they are flexible and robust enough not to bend or break when they are being put to use in tough soil conditions. This is why Bellota has launched its inPHInium disc on the market the disc with the longest breakage-free service life on the market.

Perhaps surprisingly, the harder the disc, the less tough it is. A disc is considered tough when it passes the what is known as the "ball test". With its new steel subjected to the special Borodur® treatment, Bellota has managed to achieve the perfect balance between hardness and toughness in its inPHInium disc.

All inPHInium discs have a hardness of 55-2 HRc and have passed the ball test. The perfect balance between long service life and resistance to breakage.

A product range of disc adapted to each client’s requirements.

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