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In the agriculture section the highlights include the news about the top International Fairs where the manufacturers of the farming machinery display the latest innovations in both tillage and planting. The main Agricultural Machinery Trade Fairs that Bellota goes to are Agritechnica in Hannover, Germany, SIMA in Paris, France, EIMA in Bologna, Italy and FIMA in Zaragoza, Spain. Bellota also has its own display stand at various agricultural trade fairs in different countries. Its Facebook page contains reports on specific Agricultural topics along with news about the different crops such as maize and cereals and other matters of interest.

  1. 9 February 2016

    Bellota Agrisolutions will be present at yet another Zaragoza Show with its latest models for disc harrow, seeders, cultivators and plough.

    Bellota in FIMA Agricultural Machinery Show
  2. 9 December 2015

    Bellota Agrisolutions has been awarded the 13th Edition of the VisaoAgro Prize as Number 1 in Bra

    VisaoAgro Prize
  3. 1 December 2015

    EIMA Agrimach 2015 will take place from 3-5 December in New Delhi, India.

    Bellota in EIMA Agrimach 2015
  4. 30 October 2015

    The Agritechnica Fair (Hanover, 8th to 14th November) is one of the main trade fairs in the world, especially where agricultural machinery and technology are concerned. Bellota Agrisolutions, as arranged, will be present and displaying a variety of innovations not only for sowing but also for ploughing and tillage.

    Agritechnica 2015
  5. 5 March 2015

    The SIMA show is one of the best in Europe for all types of agricultural implements, including tractors. This year, the influx of people has been slightly lower than the previous edition, but the exhibiting brands have deployed large numbers of news and the atmosphere despite the crisis is optimistic.

    News in SIMA 2015 show of agricultural implements