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New trends in farmer components

  • Longer lasting 1512 , 1513 & 1599
    Bellota 1512 , 1513 & 1599

    Bellota has redesigned the new cultivators 1512 , 1513 and 1599 so that they last longer. Firstly, the sweeps have been reshaped so that the working width is maintained as they wear away with use.

  • AKER disc blade
    Turbo disc blade AKER 1928, for planters

    The new AKER disc blade from Bellota is a specially-designed disc for ploughing the soil and preparing the seed bed, with excellent stubble cutting capability in all soil types.

  • VT-REX Disc Blades
    VT-REX disc blades for disc harrow

    Bellota presents a new concave disc called VT-REX for disc harrows with extra sharp curved wave and blade, to achieve the very best cut and slice into the ground.

  • LUR disc for disc harrows
    LUR disc for disc harrows

    LUR discs have been devised to carry out tillage aggressively and energetically to shred and mix even the most resistant waste with disc harrows. They penetrate more deeply into dry soils than into normal soils, a working depth ranging from 15 to 25 cm being considered advisable.

  • Seed disc opener assemblies
    Homogeneity on the seed disc opener assemblies and the discs

    Disc for seed drills need to work with great precision, positioning the seed with minimum distortion of the soil. This means that for seed drills, the uniformity of the seed disc opener assemblies and discs is of primordial importance.

  • Chisel assembly for Vineyards
    Chisel assembly for cultivators

    The chisel assembly has been especially designed for cultivators that are used for work in vineyards. It is designed to be assembled in an 80x80 frame with chisel tines of a 30x30 or 35x35 profile. The assembly of model 12466-V-AF is much stronger, which makes it safer and it means that it can withstand greater force. This chisel assembly for vineyards is ideal to till the soil to a maximum of 30 cm deep.

  • Disc Vortex
    Discs shaped with curved tangential waves for vertical soil working, improving the resulting cut.

    Bellota has launched a new disc with curved tangential waves for vertical tillage – that is to say, to work the soil without turning it over, to avoid mixing the various layers of soil. The design of the waves on this disc has been studied in detail to cut the crop residue vertically, thus improving the cut and incorporating the stubble better into the soil.

  • Kuhn, new mouldboards: with strips and helicoidal
    Kuhn sk helicoidal mouldboard

    Bellota presents two new bodies adaptable to the Kuhn’s mouldboard ploughs. The Claraboya V body has interchangeable and separate strips designed especially for wet ground. The other body launched for the Kuhn mouldboard plough is a Helicoidal mouldboard also for working at a depth ranging from 20 to 30 cm, adapted to different ground types, including wet ground and for working at high speed.

  • inPHInium discs
    Durable discs with fully tested robustness.

    Today's professional farmers are always looking to optimize their efficiency. To achieve this they are always on the lookout for harder-wearing products, as long as they are flexible and robust enough not to bend or break when they are being put to use in tough soil conditions. This is why Bellota has launched its inPHInium disc on the market the disc with the longest breakage-free service life on the market.

  • The increasing popularity of speed harrows

    Both in Europe and in North America the majority of agricultural machinery manufacturers supply speed harrows to adapt to the new tillage trends.

  • Duratop cultivator sweeps
    More robust and longer lasting parts of cultivator sweeps,

    Duratop is the result of a mixture of the best materials Bellota already utilizes with special new anti-wear carbon based materials, which, together with complex controlled industrial joining processes, converts them into more robust and very long lasting pieces of cultivator sweeps. The industrial process guarantees optimum hardness of both the base material and the added material, making it possible to offer a product with a minimum wear in the zones joining both materials, thus making them even more durable.

  • Curved Subsoiler
    A curved subsoiler that requires less power than subsoiler.

    The use of the curved subsoiler is recommended for compacted soils that require improvement of their porosity, while keeping the surface soil intact. Using the curved subsoiler such a tool you will improve water circulation and soil oxygenation, helping root growth and plant development.

  • Spare parts for Vogel & Noot plows

    Bellota has a wide range of plowshares, moldboards, points and other spare parts for the Vogel & Noot brand of moldboard plows.

  • Slat mouldboard plough
    Kverneland slat mouldboards plough, suitable for limey, abrasive and heavy soils.

    Bellota has launched its new slat mouldboard plough, which can be adapted to the body of the Kverneland 30. Slats mouldboard plough are suitable for limestone areas and sticky soils because, as they reduce the support surface of the earth over the mouldboard, the soil slides off more easily, especially when very wet.