Chisel assembly for Vineyards

With a stronger clamp

The chisel assembly has been especially designed for cultivators that are used for work in vineyards. It is designed to be assembled in an 80x80 frame with chisel tines of a 30x30 or 35x35 profile. The assembly of model 12466-V-AF is much stronger, which makes it safer and it means that it can withstand greater force. This chisel assembly for vineyards is ideal to till the soil to a maximum of 30 cm deep.

The Bellota chisel assemblies are easy to set up because there is no need to dismantle any of the parts to assemble it or take it apart. Moreover the chisel assembly has an anti-turning system that prevents the nuts and bolts shifting or loosening later on in the field. As the sockets are nylon, there is no need to lubricate them, so less maintenance work has to be done on them. Furthermore, in all the models there is a tube that protects the spring for maximum safety.

Bellota also supplies two different chisel assembly models for cultivators with a 100x100 frame and 80x80 frame, which can be used with the chisel tines of different profiles for the toughest ploughing and tilling jobs of up to 45 cm deep.

Ref.M.Max depthC.V.M. with tineABCGrs.Spring B
12466-VAF80x8030 cm8-12575535329002424-E10
F Articles manufactured upon order

Models specially designed for vineyard

12466-VAF:with 12466-V-AB clamp for more security and strengh.



Fits in tine Chisel

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