Kuhn, new mouldboards: with strips and helicoidal

For wet ground at a great depth

Bellota presents two new bodies adaptable to the Kuhn’s mouldboard ploughs. The Claraboya V body has interchangeable and separate strips designed especially for wet ground. The recommended tillage depth ranges from 20 to 30 cm.

The other body launched for the Kuhn mouldboard plough is a Helicoidal mouldboard also for working at a depth ranging from 20 to 30 cm, adapted to different ground types, including wet ground and for working at high speed.

For both mouldboard ploughs by Kuhn, Bellota also provides not only the rest of the components but also the mouldboard accessories, the coulter, the point and the landslides.

  KUHN CLASICO V1733-1734
Ref.O. Ref. CGrs.AB EM
1734 D619060713601982511199BM12
1734 I619061713601982511199BM12
1733-1 DH0404650103660868601199BM12
1733-1 IH0404660103660868601199BM12
1733-2 DH0404670104360955601199BM12
1733-2 IH0404680104360955601199BM12
1733-3 DH0404690103420762601199BM12
1733-3 IH0404700103420762601199BM12
1733-4 DH04047101031305691021199BM12
1733-4 IH04047201031305691021199BM12
I   Left
D   Right
F Articles manufactured upon order

1733 - 1734

  KUHN HELICOIDAL1735 - 1736
Ref.O. Ref. CGrs.ABC EM
1735 D61624271870010304702381199BM12
1735 I61624371870010304702381199BM12
1736 D619178721002702821199BM12
1736 I619179721002702821199BM12
I   Left
D   Right
F Articles manufactured upon order

SK type

1735 - 1736


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