Slat mouldboard plough

For limestone soils

Bellota has launched its new slat mouldboard plough, which can be adapted to the body of the Kverneland 30. Slats mouldboard plough are suitable for limestone areas and sticky soils because, as they reduce the support surface of the earth over the mouldboard, the soil slides off more easily, especially when very wet.

This mouldboard plough is made of four independent laminates with a number of plastic separators so that the parts fit together perfectly. Bellota also has a counter-mouldboard available. Slat mouldboard plough is designed especially for limestone areas, but they also work very well on abrasive and heavy soils.

  • Suitable for very sticky and abrasive soils
  • Works well on heavy soils
  • The best possible crumbling effect of all ploughs
  • Wide bed with open furrow
  • Depth of the slat mouldboard plough: from 20 to 35 cm
  • Width of the slat mouldboard plough: from 30 to 55 cm   
O. Ref.Ref. CGrs. BAB EM
KK073230R1727 D817903001653351199BM12
KK073231R1727 I817903001653351199BM12
I   Left
D   Right
F Articles manufactured upon order


O. Ref.Ref. CGrs. BAB EM
KK0832111726-1 D1267003008801101199BM12
KK0832211726-1 I1267003008801101199BM12
KK0832121726-2 D125170300956601199BM12
KK0832221726-2 I125170300956601199BM12
KK0832131726-3 D124270300785601199BM12
KK0832231726-3 I124270300785601199BM12
KK0832141726-4 D1236303005351151199BM12
KK0832241726-4 I1236303005351151199BM12
I   Left
D   Right
F Articles manufactured upon order

1726P-12 / 23/ 34 is delivered in indiviual bags with the correspondant polyethylene piece along with M10x30 8.8 ZN bolt and M.10 nut.



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