Did you know?

Did you know that it was Patricio Echeverría who decided on the name of the brand?

Bellota is a tribute to the forests of Gipuzkoa, where the oak trees are plentiful and their wood is used to obtain charcoal for finery forges. Famous for its hard and strong wood, oak and its fruit (the acorn), stand for the quality, the hardness and the unsurpassable strength of the brand’s tools.

While others used the names of places or family members for their brands, he chose a name that would convey a message: strength. It gave it a value: quality, which it always guaranteed, even after being used.

However, Patricio also came up against obstacles while he managed his brand. At the same time as he put all his efforts into establishing his brand to make it worth something, a British entrepreneur, based in Sheffield since 1834, was determined to defend his brand and logo, which he claimed he had already been using for his tools (Acorn Brand). Consequently a dispute arose between them. This initially resulted in an agreement through which Patricio Echeverría would use the Bellota brand for all the tools that would not be direct competition for those of Taylor and then, finally, Patricio Echeverría got exclusive rights.

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