Did you know?

Did you know that the Moldboard Plow has more than 5.000 years of history?

The plow is the most suitable piece of farm machinery for the primary tillage of the land, that is to say, tilling and plowing of any kind of soil. Indeed the deeper the work, the stronger the farming equipment must be, which in turn requires a greater pulling power, with the subsequent increase in the consumption of fuel.

The plow was invented more than 5 thousand years ago and it completely revolutionized the way that furrows were made to sow the seeds. The idea of the plow was based on the hoe or shovel used together with animal traction, and it was one of the major advances of prehistoric times. The use of the moldboard plow spread from the cradle of civilization, along the shores of the Mediterranean, and in Rome it marked a whole era; the plow is used in the same way today and improvements are continually being made to it.

The possibility of being able to work on sloped ground, and the plow bolts that are put on the frog means that the plow can slice deeper into the ground, which therefore not only favours the sowing of seeds but also helps to  loosen and free the soil up better.

The Roman plow evolved in areas of central Europe where it rains a lot, plow bits were developed, moldboard plows started to be used in this era too, and the double plow handles and plow carriages were incorporated. However with the fall of the Roman Empire it took a thousand years for the plow to reappear. Until the end of the 19th cenutry the barbarian tribes continued to make improvements to the production of metals, although they stuck to the traditional design of the moldboard plow.

Nowadays, moldboard plows are still evolving in terms of the design of the consumable parts, the different materials and the heat treatments involved, not to mention the safety elements that ensure they are used properly.

At Bellota the moldboard plows can be made in three different metals: boron steel, triplex steel or case-hardened steel with the corresponding differential heat treatment to get the best durability results against wear and tear. The plow shares are made of forged boron steel, which makes them extremely durable against the wear and tear of heavy duty tillage.

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